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31st-May-2032 06:22 pm - The Smith Legacy !
Get your master post right 'ere!

1.0 || 1.1 || 1.2
2.0 || 2.1 || 2.2 || 2.3 || 2.4 || 2.5
3.0 || 3.1 || 3.2 || 3.3 || 3.4
4.0 || 4.1 || 4.2
jane smith
7th-Sep-2031 08:19 pm - Holisdale Prosperity Challenge !
Missed an entry or anything? Well here's the whole list of 'em, right here!


Round One: McPherson || Blecker || Knox || Bailey
Round Two: McPherson || Blecker || Knox || Bailey || College: Part I Part II
Round Three: McPherson
simself, sim!me, shazi
9th-Oct-2016 08:37 pm - The Smith Legacy: 5.0

66 PNGs underneath the cut.

what gives you the right to fuck with our lives?Collapse )
4th-Sep-2016 12:51 am - The Smith Legacy: Heir Poll

You decide.

simself, sim!me, shazi
4th-Sep-2016 12:07 am - The Smith Legacy: 4.2

68 PNGs underneath the cut.

if you love me, don't let goCollapse )
jane smith
14th-Sep-2015 11:25 am - Well, this is super upsetting.
So, I graduated college, came back from my summer camp job, and was super hype to be able to regularly update The Smith Legacy again. The fifth generation potential heirs were all college aged and I was so ready to get going with them. I played all the spares through (both in and outside of college), and finally got to the heirs, aaaaaaandd...the Greek House was nowhere to be found. NOWHERE. Not even the building was on the campus map.

I thought, ooookay, not so bad, I have it saved in lots and houses, right?? HAHAHA, IT WAS EMPTY! Completely empty. And maybe I was already too tired to deal with something like that, but it really hurt me to see generations of memories and work just...gone. I kind of just quit in frustration and felt like crying over pixels--I'm sure we've all been there--so I just took a step back.

I haven't really been as into the game since then, so. I'm thinking of just redecorating the house sometime and continuing from there because I have some fun ideas planned for the Smiths which would include some characters from Strangetown and whatnot, and I don't know, it's been the best legacy I've attempted thus far, so. But as I'm recovering from my upset, I might start a new legacy in the meantime. Or just play the game and post random, cute pictures here. Who knows??

But, yeah, hi. I'm still around. 
jane smith
4th-Oct-2014 01:30 pm - Yep, still around.
As Britney Spears would say:

It's been a while
I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting
But I'm here now

Yep, I'm still here, and still playing the Sims! (My trial run of TS3--and the brief period during which I enjoyed playing it--is over. It's just not for me. I'm also considering playing TS4 at some point, maybe, but TS2 is still my main and true love! It brings me joy to see other people are still playing it as well.) That was a long parenthetical, but as I was saying, I'm still playing and The Smith Legacy lives on! I'm almost done with my current rotation, and the fifth generation is heading off to college, so there will be updates soon. Possibly not as plotty as I would have liked, but we'll get there!

College has just been kicking my ass (especially last year, jfc) and then I'm away for the entire summer, so I didn't really have time to play, but I'm picking it back up again. So, yes, updates soon! I might even do glimpses into the spares' lives on my Simblr, just because I've got a couple of cute pictures to share. If I do so, I'll link to 'em here, of course!  
simself, sim!me, shazi
28th-May-2013 04:59 pm - It's been a while.
Hey guys~

Just posting to say that I'm still here/around/doing Sims stuff/addicted to this game! It tears me apart everyday that I haven't updated the Smiths in months (and the three year anniversary is days away!), but there is no way for me to update them before the fall. As usual, I'm going away for the summer and while I will have computer access this summer, I will only have my laptop which only has The Sims 3 (as of very recently) on it.

(Yep, I kind of converted this week. Oops. Minor thing, right? The game's not as bad as I first thought--with all the expansion packs, of course.)

But don't worry, the Smiths are still a thing and still my favorite family. I've been playing them rarely (@#%$!&*% college!), but I should have enough for an update by the next rotation. Which I won't be able to play until September. -_- (And that's if junior year decides to have mercy on me...)

Also, if you're on Tumblr, you should most def find me on my main blog, my Simblr or both! I'm always looking for new people to follow and reblog <3

Hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you are!
simself, sim!me, shazi
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